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Stratford Park

Fun in the Spring!

We’ve been making the most of this lovely weather and the new park next door as well as enjoying our old favourite; the field! While we are having fun we are also developing complex physical skills such as balance and co ordination. We are also learning how to be safe, to respond to boundaries and to listen to the teachers.

Bread-making, and Little Red Hen

During our farm topic we looked closely at the story of The Little Red Hen. This is a great tale for introducing the idea of ‘helping each other out’. The children created a story board where they drew pictures to retell the book as they remembered it. Our chef gave the children a lesson in Bread making which they all seemed to enjoy, especially eating it the next day! Any kind of cooking is a great way of encouraging children to listen to instructions and them carry them out which is a tricky skill sometimes!

Bread making in particular is good because the children can do almost all of it as no heat is required till the end. All the kneading is also good for building big muscles and for coordination which links in well to Physical Development. For young children it can be a really interesting way of introducing the concept of more/less /bigger/smaller .

As part of our Farm topic we helped the children to set up a mini farm. We talked about what we might find on a farm and why. This activity lends itself to almost all the areas of learning as staff encourage the children to draw on memories to decide what should be on the farm, think creatively about what they can use to represent what’s really on a farm and to communicate with each other about it.

Digging in the Farm!

We have been doing a down on the farm topic. we have been talking about where our food comes from and all the things that happen on farms. Here are some pictures of us digging for vegetables in the garden and washing them ready for lunch. when asked who do you think grows our vegetables many of the children gave Cordelia (our chef) the credit!

This sort of activity is great for getting children interested in vegetables and where they come from. It also creates lots of opportunity for talk about growth and decay and how this relates to the children; for getting big and strong. This links in with the Knowledge and Understanding of the World area of development. We found during the activity that many of the older children began their own activities including counting and comparing size and shape; a great organic experience to develop Maths skills as well as Communication between peers.

Staff Vacancies, Stratford Park & Kingsway

Kingsway and Stratford Park are both looking for a Nursery Assistant, preferably with prior baby room experience.

23/02/2015: We are looking for someone in both baby and pre school rooms with experience in a baby/pre-school nursery setting, including raising their own children. Both Kingsway and Stratford Park would prefer someone that has a relevant qualification to at least L2. All full time and part time applicants will be considered.

For enquiries and more information, please contact Kathryn at

Our summer project at Stratford Park

This summer, we here at Bar Bar Nursery have embarked upon a nature project which we are going to continue throughout the year; we have been busy planting, making hedgehog shelters and even building a water feature in our garden to provide water for thirsty birds. In autumn, we are hoping these will attract some other creatures too!

We have been nature detectives, finding lots of flowers and mini beasts in Stratford Park. We used magnifying glasses as well as our senses to explore all the different elements the park has to offer. Our teachers think it is really important for us to enjoy our learning, explore for ourselves and be curious and excited about nature from a young age instead of scared by the creepy crawlies, we discovered for ourselves that these can be the most fun; “I’m finding more worms, look a baby one, it tickles!”

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