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Fireworks Night at Kingsway

BarBar Nursery, Kingsway opened its doors for a whole Nursery Firework event enjoyed by all that came to watch the show! This was a lovely chance for children and parents to get together at our busy setting!

Most enjoyed burgers and refreshments beforehand, and then watched a 40 minute firework display with a variety of fireworks, such as rockets, lava bursts, and many more (of course a sparkler or two!)

Kingsway: Ideas to do at Home!

Activity Ideas

1. Sand Painting (Sand and Paint Mixed together)… Discuss the texture of this

2. Get Messy with your children- Try activities such as Shaving foam play, Custard Play, Baked Bean Play, Jelly Play-Anything which is messy and fun!

Glitter can be added to create a sparkly effect, or add other resources to add variety

3. Car Painting…Do your children like cars? Well pop some paint in a tray and let them run cars through it…Great for Mark-Making

4. Dressing up, creating role-play experiences where children can act out different scenarios, using their language and building their confidence

5. Dancing- Dance to music and use ribbons to create patterns in the air…Can you see if you can form the first letter in your name with the ribbons?

Gloop: Cornflour and Water

1. Gradually pour water and mix together with the cornflour to form Gloop

2.  Once mixed, the Gloop consistency should be hard, and when picked up turn to a liquid consistency…Add food colourant for a variety of colours….Fascinating!!!


1 cup salt, 2 cups flour, Add water as required. Food Colourant/Essences if desired to create colour and scent

1. Mix the salt, flour and water together and stir until you get a thicker consistency

2. Add more flour and water to the mixture to determine quantity and texture of the playdough- Use your hands to knead it together (like bread)

3. Once you have the desired mixture, feel free to add food colourant or essences for colour or scent (or both!!)

Let your children have the choice of colour or scent, and talk to them about their choices- Let the children explore their senses, and encourage their speech and language, and most of all, have some fun!

Police Visit 2016

A police lady came to visit Orange and Purple Room to talk about her job, and her role in the community…The children were really interested in hearing about what she does, and enjoyed looking at the items that she carries around with her. After their talk, the children went outside to look at the police-van, and were talking about what they could see! …They even got to listen to the siren…It was very loud!

Thanks to all who attended our bacon butty  morning

Thank you to everyone who attended our “stay and play” session bacon butty morning recently. This was huge success and parents enjoyed the opportunity to join their children in play with their friends in their rooms at BarBar.

This was also used as valuable time for parents and staff to mix together and for key workers to inform parents about their child’s progress. These “stay and play” sessions are planned to occur bi-monthly.

Baby Room Children & Staff going for a walk!

Walking along the road the babies and toddlers closely observe what people and vehicles do, they also smile with pleasure at recognisable familiar faces. Staff take good care and control of the walking children, talking and looking and exploring their surroundings. Toddlers and Babies pop into ASDA to buy last minute snacks.

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