Barbar Nursery

  • Rosary School: 07532 136525
  • Stratford Park: 01453 840474
  • Kingsway, Quedgeley: 01452 698668


Parents’ Evening at Kingsway

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Parent’s evening at Kingsway!

The parents had the opportunity to discuss their children’s progress with their keyworkers.

Jumper Day for Save the Children!

On Friday 12th December we had a Save the Children Jumper Day!

All the children and staff were wearing their warmest Christmas jumpers for the occasion!

We also had a cake sale and raised £91 for the charity Save the Children.

Kingsway Parents’ Evening

On June 25th, BarBar Kingsway had an open evening for all parents whose toddlers are moving from the Baby Room to the Blue Room. This was a great opportunity for parents to come see the nursery and ask questions about their child’s new room. Several parents took this opportunity and we are very happy to see them.

Kingsway raise money for Children in Need

Kingsway collected over £100 for this year’s Children in Need event!

Children and staff spent the day dressed in their pyjamas, while the parents and staff brought in their own yummy cakes and biscuits to sell to everyone. Thanks to all the staff, parents and children who took part, donated their time and support, and had fun!

Final Tally for the Big Toddle

In the end, we raised over £401 in July’s Banardos Big Toddle 2013.

Here’s a photo of two of our proud children, with the official certificate:

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, helped out and donated to our sponsored walk!

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